Meepletown Takes On Games For Non-Gamers

One of my first blog posts took on the issue of games to play with non-gamers.

My first criterion was that the rules needed to play could be taught in three sentences or fewer.  I knew this would be a contentious statement when I wrote it.  Proofreaders warned me that it would be contentious and that the restriction should be loosened.

To see some of the debate my criteria sparked, head to this link.  As I’ve said before, debate is crucial to refining ideas.  Contributors on both sides of the debate made solid points.  Were I to rewrite the post, I would certainly modify my position to acknowledge the best of these. Thompson recently brought his own spin to this concept in his column Meepletown–Challenge Accepted: Rules in Three Sentences.  Derek essentially modified the criterion to ‘75 words or less’ which I would say is a perfectly acceptable change.  The point of this restriction had always been to drive home the difference between “rules needed to start playing” and “every rule,” that some rules could wait until the game is underway.  In his approach to this concept, Derek has certainly exceeded me.

It’s certainly gratifying that Derek largely agrees with me but it’s even more gratifying to see the ideas being taken further.  Thank you for your contribution, Derek.


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